The Number One Question Every Client Asks Me

Do I need to see a Counsellor or a Coach? What’s the difference?

Life CoachCounselling  helps you to understand and overcome problems that are causing you emotional pain. You may be suffering from anxiety or depression or be faced with a  crisis situation such as a relationship break down, bereavement, sudden trauma or diagnosis of a terminal health condition. Counsellors offer a safe space to talk about difficult and painful feelings.

Coaching has a different focus. It looks to the future. So, generally speaking, a person chooses to have coaching when they are in a good place, but want some help creating change in their life. In a nutshell, coaching helps you to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Coaching is about the changes you want to make. It helps you to uncover your potential, by helping you to overcome your own stumbling blocks, which stop you from taking action and moving  forward.

It might be you want to achieve a better work /life balance. Maybe you need to manage your time better, tackle the stress in your life, make more money, change your career path, cope better with a certain situation.


Sometimes that means looking at how you dealt with things in the past to learn how you might want to do things differently.

Coaching can help you to become clearer about the direction and purpose in your life. It offers a space in which you can reflect, understand, and  challenge beliefs that are limiting you. A chance to challenge that  critical self talk we all experience.

So as a client , you set the agenda and you decide on the way forward. As a coach, my job is to support you and help you to find the resources within you, to make those changes. My job is not to offer advice, but  to help you to find your own solutions.

If you think you would like to know more, why not book a free 30 minute Welcome Session with me, so we can have a chat and find out if we would work well together?