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If you are having difficulty conceiving, reflexology can support you through the process of trying to get pregnant.

It may be you are undergoing medical tests, or it may be you have been told there are no obvious reasons why you cannot conceive. Whatever stage you are at – it can be very distressing, particularly as you may be unable to confide in friends or family at this time.
There is some evidence to suggest that feeling stressed may affect your chances of becoming pregnant. This is due to the effect stress hormones have on the hormones responsible for the release of the egg and the implantation of the embryo after fertilisation.

However, stress can be an issue for both partners. Reflexology can offer some valuable time out for yourselves, to relax, unwind and feel supported physically and emotionally.

Reflexlogy for Fertility & Maternity


Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy which supports the very natural process of pregnancy and childbirth. Whilst it is sometimes feared that treatments such as reflexology might cause a miscarriage particularly in the early stages reflexology cannot, does not and will not cause a miscarriage. (Sadly 98% of miscarriages in the first three months are due to chromosomal abnormalities).

Research and empiric knowledge suggests that women who receive regular reflexology treatments during their pregnancy have shorter labours with less need for medical intervention. (Ref; Dr. Gowrie Motha.’The Magic of Reflexology’ Reflexions. Dec 1994. See also – www.jeyarani.com).

Different reflexology techniques are used at different stages of pregnancy appropriate to the stage of the pregnancy. In the middle stages for example, these might be aimed at relieving some of the ailments that can occur such as back pain, rib pain, pelvic girdle syndrome, constipation, swollen feet, difficulty sleeping. In the later stages of pregnancy the focus will be on relaxation and preparation for birth. It is a good idea to have a weekly treatment, if possible, during the last month of your pregnancy.

Reflexology is always a deeply relaxing treatment which is beneficial to you and your baby and is also excellent preparation for labour.


After you have had your baby, it is still important to make time for yourself. Having a new baby is exciting as well as physically and emotionally demanding. Lack of sleep takes its toll. One of the documented benefits of reflexology in post natal women is an improved quality of sleep. Managing stress levels is also key to your managing health. So, whilst your baby is young and still happy in a car seat, remember that you can always bring them with you whist you have reflexology.


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